International Moth Sails

Over the last 5 years Lennon Sails have been working with leading sailors in the class and we are now able to release the successor to the highly successful A1m, A2m, A3m and the all conquering A4m. The new sail is coded A5m.

Working closely with Paul Goodison we have moved the sail forward making a more progressive and easier sail to use.

In March 2017 the Class changed its rules in the way the luff is measured. Rather than it having to always fit between the masthead and “white band” painted on the mast 5185mm from the head, now the sail simply can’t be bigger than 5185 mm at original measurement. Prior to this change the sails were designed around 80mm short - so a luff length of 5105mm, to ensure on max downhaul the sail never went beyond 5185mm long.


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