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Moth Sails 2021

2020 was a frustrating year with few events where we could show off the A6mDS - a sail developed running into the2019 UK nationals for the 2020 worlds. Due to other commitments Paul Goodison and Dylan Fletcher were unable to attend. However Brad Funk who was second at the 2019 UK nationals was comfortably inside the top 10 at the worlds.

Working closely with Paul Goodison, Dylan Fletcher and others, we have further modified the sails for 2021 working hard to make the DS part of the sail more efficient. We strongly recommend achieving a full deck seal. So getting the foot down to a fairing or the cockpit floor. Mast lengths will vary to achieve this from around 5100 to 4960 depend on the length of your mast post to cockpit floor / fairing. We can help determine what is needed.

Another variability is the DS foot length. This has been pushed longer and longer forcing us to move the mainsheet fittings aft and have to relearn to tack and gybe ! We offer 3 sizes currently. 950mm is “standard” which fits on unmodified boats and booms. 1050mm we think is a great compromise and its this size DS which Dylan used in every race at the 2020 UK nationals. In fact we had 5 sails in the top ten using the 1050 foot length. This does however require boat and boom modification.

We also offer 1200mm DS foot length. The longer the DS the more area is pulled down below the boom reducing the heeling force. However on lighter days these sails are more tricky and later to foil.

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We usually sell most of our sails by phone or email and not online as they are such a large and personal purchase , please contact or +44 (0) 7764 933 890.


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