International 14 Sails

Glen Truswell and Sam Pascoe dominated the 14 class in 2016 as they have since 2014. In that time the pair has won every major championship they have entered. The only title they did not win was the 2016 POW Points Regatta which was however won by Stuart Bithell in Glen’s boat with Sam on the wire. Glen had broken his foot and was unable to sail in that event. Stuart and Sam did not take home the Prince of Wales Cup itself; this was won by Katie Nurton, the first time a helmswoman has won this wonderful old trophy which carries so many illustrious names of past winners including that of Mike Lennon. 

Throughout this run of success Glen has used Lennon Sails exclusively. He and Lennon sails have worked closely together to develop the current shapes which have proved so successful. 

Mike and Glen were working on spinnaker shapes in 2016. The standard Lennon Sail is very straight in the exit which makes it easy to use and gives the boat good acceleration - Glen wanted more power so Mike deepened the mould and produced a sail which had that extra power but was a little more difficult to handle. Glen used it last year and told us that his speed downwind had enabled him to win races when he was struggling (a relative term in his case) with his stiffer rig upwind. The jury is still out on the new shape, Andy Fitzgerald has one and will let us know what he thinks of it. In the meantime we will stick with the current standard sail unless a customer insists on having the deeper shape. 

At the Worlds in 2018 Andy and Tom Partington won the event using a full set of Lennon Sails with Neale and Ed second. This domination is further proof of the concept! They used the standard spinnaker shape. 

Sail shapes 

The Membrane type sails allow the designer free reign on where to put the yarn and how much to put there. This has a dramatic effect on the way the sail works and responds to load. A well designed membrane can be lighter as well as having better automatic gust response. This makes the sail more user friendly and requires less input to get the best out - allowing the sailor to spend less time managing the sail and more time looking outward. The Lennon Membrane developed with and used by Glen and Sam have won every international and UK domestic championship there is to win.   

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