What’s in your Neoprene?

Lennon Racewear DRY SYSTEM uses Yamamoto 39 rubber incorporating SCS (Super Composite Skin) – one of the most advanced closed cell foam wetsuit rubbers on the market. Yamamoto wetsuits are prevalent within international triathlon, free diving and swimming competition and have been around for over 40 years.

  • 30% less water absorption compared with other Neoprene
  • 99.7% Calcium Carbonate NOT petroleum based Neoprene
  • 6 times the stretch memory of other wetsuits
  • The only Neoprene certified for medical uses

Yamamoto Neoprene is produced in the most environmentally way possible.

The controlled environment within which the Neoprene is burnt is driven by hydroelectric power from water turbines powered by mountain sources. The raw material is derived from Limestone taken from the mountains in Japan with estimated reserves of 3000 years. The special way the limestone is processed results an acetylene gas, which by polymerization, liquefies to burnt rubber and dries to rubber chips. Neoprene sheets are then created and cut into the Lennon Racewear products on the market today.

Ultra-low resistance

The specially processed coating of our SCS results in a surface that repels water when in contact with air. This unique functionality results in an astounding resistance coefficient of 0.021 when wet (compared to 4.0 for conventional neoprene wetsuits) and 0.035 when dry (compared to 5.0 for conventional neoprene wetsuits).

Superior moldability and enhanced comfort

The body fit is optimized with the superior moldability of our SCS. This provides enhanced comfort while also allowing for an unprecedented range of movement while sailing. The expansion ratio of the materials is 7 times greater than that of conventional wetsuit materials and the difference is apparent even before you get in the water through the ease in wearing the suit.

High heat retention and lighter weight

Due to the superior heat retention of our SCS the body is kept warmer, decreasing body fatigue and improving performance.
The water repellent properties of SCS means that it does not absorb water, avoiding the extra weight of water-logged suits that can hold sailors back and force them to expel precious additional energy. This also mean far less wind chill during the winter months as there is no absorbed water to cool down.

High Durability

Our SCS materials are extremely durable and resistant to abrasions, allowing for a longer product life as well as enhanced performance.