Contender Sails

Early in 2017 Richard Franks asked Lennon sails to design him a new Contender mainsail. Mike Lennon and Richard worked together for many years in the industry having set up sail lofts in the UK and SE Asia.

After much work and testing - for 2018 we are excited to release A1o6 Contender main. This is lennon sails first foray into this class having dominated the Moth and I14 classes over the past 3 years - being current World and European champions in both.

The new sail is based on using a very stable radial cloth called ODL06. This is an Aramid fibre called Technora black - the black colour inhibits UV degradation. Using this cloth compared to less stable materials keeps the draft forward when under load.

The sail like the popular Dacron versions is deep but will flatten off effectively as the cloth is more stable and the balance between seam shape and luff curve differs to aid this. The sail has an elastic luff chord which gets the draft back for lighter winds when there is no downhaul tension.

For more information on sails, please contact or +44 (0) 7764 933 890.

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