What is the DrySystem and how does it work?

The conventional wetsuit is designed to allow water ingress. A thin layer of water takes up residence between the suit and your skin; it is heated by your body which is fine while you are active and moving about the boat but this water layer cools rapidly if you are resting between races or need to keep still when racing in light weather. As it cools, so do you and you will not warm up until you are active enough to generate considerable body heat.

We have all suffered for years in wetsuits like this, cold and miserable in the light stuff and between races. Our approach is very different; our DrySystem suits are designed to keep water out and to reduce wind chill to a minimum thus using all your body heat to keep you warm.

To exclude water we have designed seals at neck, wrists and ankles which are watertight. When combining a Long John and Top we have developed a seal between the two garments which is almost completely impermeable. To minimise the effect of wind chill we have used a coated neoprene which sheds water quickly and completely so there is little or no surface water on the suit for the wind to chill.




  • Yamamoto is the acknowledged market leader in neoprene rubber. Yamamoto #39 and #45 are their  premier materials.
  • #39 absorbs 30% less water than other neoprenes so it keeps you warm as the wind chill is reduced.
  • #39 stretch recovery rate is greater than rival neoprenes so is more comfortable, durable and lasts longer.
  • #39 dries overnight at room temperature.
  • #39 S.C.S (Super Composite Skin) has a special coating which sheds water.
  • #45 is a little more dense than #39 and is used in the impact zones. It still retains super stretch qualities out performing all other Neoprenes in this regard.

The exclusion of water brings an additional benefit. Mike has chosen a neoprene with a most efficient thermal lining and this works best when it is dry, thus further improving retention of the body’s heat. The seams joining the panels are glued, blind stitched and taped which renders them watertight.



The result of all these measures is to produce wetsuit garments which are very warm, especially when worn with the Racewear thermal base layer.

The current DrySystem range consists of two Long Johns, the Thermalite and the Superlite, two Tops of different thickness (2.5mm and 1.5mm) and waterproof socks.