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The CST TowPro system allows differing mast upper and lower sections to be used to get the required bend to suit sails and sailors weights. There is a picture on this page showing the combinations and  bend compared to the standard DS type masts.

The sections can be ordered in mutiples or one half of a mast. You can make up combinations and add to this later. 

The recommend set up for DS (Deck sweeper 5000 and 5100mm) is the upper fitting at 1800mm from the top and the spreader fitting at 3420mm from the top.

For the standard type masts (5200 and 5300mm) the traditional 1900mm upper fitting and 3600mm loser fitting is recommended.

For lighter sailors looking for lower rigs than 5000mm it is better to have fitting moved closer to the top to keep the sections between the fittings more even in length to maintain an even bend curve.

When ordering - only when all the options are filled out, will the correct price be displayed. It can then be added to the shpping basket. If only ordering half a mast all the fields still need filling.

Some default size masts are in stock ready to ship immediately, non standard will require extra days for fit out. UK fixed shipping price. For overseas please contact us.


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