Lennon and Quantum

After a year since Lennon joined the Quantum great success followed on from Lennon sails own success in many small boat classes. 

Lennon sails - perhaps best known for involvement in the Moth class, winning countless events including several world and European championships. In 2023 the Quantum QAX design finished second in the 2023 Weymouth worlds, but unfortunately not enough races were completed for it to officially be counted as a world championship. You can read more on the latest Moth developments on sails pages.

In other classes the crossover to Quantum was seamless and after several years of effort collaborating with Christian Birrel and Jon Turner, Quantum took the Merlin Rocket Nationals.

International 14 class success continued, Glen Truswell and Ed Fitzgerald narrowly missed out on taking the 14 Europeans back in may but went on to dominate other events taking POW and Nationals points week. The new Fusion Membranes with a lens foot mainsail to improve aero around the boom proved rapid. Read more in the Int 14 page.

For 2024 Mike Lennon will continue to sail and compete in the Moth class, he has also just taken delivery of a brand new Winder Solo which of course has a new design Quantum sail. More news on this when we know more !