To complement the neoprene products Lennon has designed base layer garments using a double jersey interlocked Merino, spandex and nylon mix designed to be worn under neoprene for water based athletes. MAPP® - Merino Advanced Performance Products - is manufactured using a combination of scientific analysis, Merino breeding programmes and innovative processing.

It is your absolute guarantee of Merino source, process and functionality. And when your customers see the MAPP® label on their garment they know they have purchased a high performing garment made with sustainable Merino wool that can be traced right back to the region of farms it came from.


MAPP® Merino Mix



Merino wool is an active, antibacterial fibre ideal for sports as it regulates temperature without losing its thermal and wicking properties when wet. Blended with nylon and spandex, it will ensure a long life and maintain its stretch and performance.