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Lennon Sails developed and introduced the long cam system in 2015 and since then have developed the cam itself to make it more reliable, lighter and less aggressive on the mast. We now only supply the injection moulded type and have completely phased out the earlier printed versions. 

The upper 3 cams are all different sizes with offset slot entry. This allows the more angled upper battens into the cam without tilting the cam against the mast.

Cam #1 is the uppermost cam its the narrowest diameter cup.

Cam #2 is the second cam from the head also offset slot entry but standard diameter cup.

Cam #3 is the third cam from the head and is the first long cam. This also has an offset slot entry.

Cams #4, #5 and #6 are long cams with central slot entry so these three are interchangable as they are identical.

We still recommend using low friction tape on masts where the cam sits especially in sandy and gritty locations. Particles picked up whilst launching can get between the cam and mast causing damage over long periods to the carbon mast surface.

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