Thinnair Moth statement from Lennon High Performance Boats.

Thinnair Moth statement.

Lennon High Performance Boats - June 2020.

Since its inception in 2017 we have been endeavouring to bring the world’s best International Moth boat package to the market.

We partnered with Dave Hollom and White Formula who both have a long history in high performance boat design and manufacture. Dave has designed everything from AC 12 metres to multiple world championship winning dinghies. White Formula have won multiple Tornado world championships with Rob White ( owner of White Formula ) taking a Tornado world title himself and his father ( Reg ) an Olympic gold with multiple world titles.

In 2019 we delivered 10 customer boats and it became clear with the present set up it would not be possible for the current arrangements to work for all involved due to the lower than needed volume. Having put countless hours of time and energy in the design and testing - it is with sadness and some regret that we have felt it necessary to wind down Lennon High Performance Boats commercial involvement in supplying International Moth complete boat packages or platforms.

As of June 30th 2020 Lennon High Perfomance Boats will not be supplying Thinnair Moths. White Formula will take over ownership of the product and tooling. All customer services for existing and new customers will transfer to White Formula in the agreement between the two companies. However Mike Lennon will assist White Formula technically and will be sailing the 2020 V2 Thinnair package this season ( when it finally gets underway ). Mike will also assist where possible with existing customers and potential new customers to the Thinnair V2, which will have a small name change to Thinair.

Thinair V2 is lighter stiffer package than 2019 version made entirely in pre-preg. Changes to the wing frame construction which is also 100% pre-preg with each frame bench tested to 130 kg. The frame is lighter stiffer and stronger.

Foils are all pre-preg in HM carbon with some UHM. The rudder design is thinnest around and despite the anhedral design is very nice to use and not snappy /grabby steering like the usual anhedral designs. We continue to develop and push the boundaries of what is possible both for foils under the water and foils above the water.

Lennon Sails have dominated the results in the Moth and the I 14 fleets over the past 4 years and have just released new designs for the Moth.

Lennon Racewear technical clothing has quickly gained the reputation for the being warmest and driest available. Enabling lighter and more flexible neoprene's to be utilised. We don’t make claims and dream up fantasy names for materials that are the same as last year in a new look. We concentrate on delivering the best materials combined in specialised design for high performance sailing in all conditions.

Separating the Thinnair Moth away from the sail and wetsuit businesses allows Lennon to concentrate more resource and time to develop this core activity. It allows White Formula to flexibility and resource to invest heavily in ensuring the Thinair Moth lives up to its promise.

Mike Lennon :-

“Whilst it’s a sad day for me personally to let this go commercially, I will still get to sail and develop the boat for fun ! It will allow me more time to focus back on developing our other great products. “

“I can’t wait to get going in the V2 all pre-preg Thinair. I wish Rob and the team at White Formula good luck with this fantastic boat and thanks for all the work we have done together on it so far.”