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The A6mDS has evolved from the A3.5mDS, which has won 2 UK national titles in both DS and standard format. At the 2019 UK Nationals the A3.5mDS came first and second. Dylan winning using both the DS and standard version with Brad Funk second using the DS version with a standard A5m for the lighter days.

Further evolution after the Nationals led to the A6mDS. This has a larger DS panel and shorter leech with detail mods to the sleeve shaping which allows a big range of sail shape. 

We offer 3 basic versions of the A6mDS. 950mm / 1050mm / 1200mm DS panel versions. 950mm fits the “traditional “ boom mainsheet position. However we strongly recommend moving the mainsheet aft on the boom to accommodate the longer 1050mm DS panel ( As used by Dylan for the last two seasons and 4 others in the top ten this year). The longer DS panel lowers the heeling moment, increases the endplate effect and increases the likelihood of attached flow.

The sail is also available to fit masts 4900 to 5000 and 5100 mast lengths. Our default reccomendation is 5000 as it ensures an end plate on most boat designs. 


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